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If you're reading this, edit the wiki with your suggestions and ideas. I'm not Vryce, I actually want to hear what you have to say Edit

Whiteboard to spam your ideas about Medievia. What did you always want to see in this classic text MUD game that was never paid attention to?

For now just spam your thoughts onto this wiki and, should true levels of interest be shown, we shall organize in a more democratic fashion in due time.

Currently planned wilderness map: Edit


blah blah here's a bunch of text how do i access the CSS on here wikia is annoying

Map was generated by this fellow's neat algorithm.

I need a model for income supporting the cost of a server - give me ideas on how you would want donations to translate into game effects. Edit

I'm not personally a fan of the "everybody wears the same stuff and newbies get left out" system on med.

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